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Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race is an event where communications are handled by the very professional amateur radio operators from Joseph, Oregon and all over the Northwest under the coordination of Julian KK7JX.

This year there are four distances to race

200 mile using 12 dogs, the 100 mile using 8 dogs

31 Mile, 2-Day, 6 Dog Mid-Distance Pot Race

20 Mile Junior Race - 4 or 6 dogs, 14 to 17 year-old mushers.

The Eagle Cap Extreme runs through the rugged Wallowa Mountains in Northeastern Oregon. It has been described as challenging, fun, and beautiful by participants and fans alike. This all-volunteer race receives many high marks for professionalism and for being very well run.

Communications are the nerve system of the race, tying the many facets of the race together through a variety of communications options to ensure smooth race operations. Workers use ham radios, land line phones, cell phones, SAT phones, internet, and line of sight radios to communicate with the public and other workers insuring the safety and support of everybody including the dogs on the course.

Scott KB7DZR, being a long time participant on the *DODROPIN* Echolink conference server has generously provided us for the sixth year in a row the ability to listen to all the race comms live as it happens! We've been able to monitor numerous situations that would have turned into a crisis had it not been for amateur radio and all the fine volunteers that pitched in.

Race start is on Thursday, January 19, 2017.

Joseph Oregon Weather - ECX Communications

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Keep the Amateur Radio Repeaters Operational

Recently, Delaware North took over operations in a hotel formerly known as Mariott Islandia in Long Island, NY.

For close to 30 years the rooftop of that very building has been the location of WR2UHF and WD2NY communications repeaters, a major purpose of which is to serve the Emergency Operations facilities for the Towns of Islip, Babylon, Brookhaven, and Smithtown as well as the Red Cross.

I have been informed by the managers onsite that the equipment must be removed in short order. The loss of this vital communications resource, providing IRLP and D-Star as well as local communications, with emergency power at the building, will be a devastating blow to the ability of Emergency Communications Amateur Radio Operators to serve the needs of the surrounding towns. There is no equivalent site to move to.

The owners of the building promote on their website a commitment to stewardship and community service. I hope to prevail upon them that they could serve the all-volunteer public service radio operators who serve the community, with NO INVESTMENT. In fact, all they have to do is... nothing but allow it to stay.

Please sign our petition so we can convince Delaware North that these repeaters are a vital part of our local emergency communications and it's crucial that they remain operational.


-Pres Waterman W2PW

NFARL Tech Talk

This net meets every Monday evening at 8:30 p.m. local time on the 145.47 (-) PL 100.0Hz machine. The purpose of this net is to provide a forum for an open Q & A technical discussion of all Ham Radio related topics. Pose your questions on the net (or send them to Jim at beforehand) and others on the net will strive to answer them. Participants use Google and a chat room during the net to search for information related to topics being discussed, document findings, and send URL links back and forth. Here's how to get set up to participate in the net: Be at a computer from which you can Google information. Open a separate tab for the NFARL chat room hosted at NFARL.DODROPIN.ORG. Tune your radio to 145.47 (-) PL 100.0Hz or log into 145.47 repeater ECHOlink node 560686 (NF4GA-R). For more on EchoLink, visit our ECHOlink Overview page. Check in when the net opens by saying your name, call-sign, and location. Please join this exciting net each week.

Ham Nation After Show Net

Ham Nation is an internet tv show about amateur radio and is hosted by Bob Heil K9EID, Gordon West WB6NOA, Leo Laporte W6TWT, and George Thomas W5JDX. Their topics range from the basics that capture the beginners attention all the way up to topics that will keep you ole timers glued to the monitor. Join us on the *DODROPIN* Echolink conference server every Wednesday night at 2200hrs est for the Ham Nation After Show Net. If you haven't seen this show, you're missing a lot and you need to tune them in at and see what all the talk is about. Immediately following the show, connect to *DODROPIN* at node number 355800 for the Ham Nation After Show Net on Echolink and catch our new NCS, Dave N3NTV, calling the net and leading the big roundtable discussion afterwards.