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WR5O Contest Team

dodroplogo After two years of being out of the contest circuit due to a change in QTH, The WR5O Contest Team has begun installation of two towers on the city lot QTH of Brent Scott. Many thanks are owed to KC5MVZ Joey Johnston, AB5ET Len Hovey, N5SOU Charles Cook, KG5PYC Steve Anderson and Emilio Garcia for giving up the better part of a day to help with the 5 yards of concrete required to install a large and a small tower. The larger tower is a Universal Towers 50-15 self supporting tower at 50 feet. The smaller tower is Rohn 25. The smaller tower will be self supporting at 35 feet and will have an additional mast mounted that will bring the total height to match the bigger tower (50'). While the Larger tower will be home to a 5element 6 meter beam, Hexx Beam and a CX-333 tri-band vhf/uhf antennas, the second, smaller tower which is 87 feet away, will act as a support for wire antennas. Stretched between the two towers will be inverted L's for both 160m and 80m and an 87 foot long doublet for 5-10Mhz that will be fed with 600 ohm ladder line. Be looking for The WR5O Contest Team to be a presence in contests starting this fall. You can keep up with the team at WR5OContestTeam. Special Thanks to N9OFU Paul Morton for providing space for this article and for lending me his apprentice Emilio Garcia who at 20 something was a huge help to the 50 somethings.